An attractive incubator space for life science start-ups

At Bayer, we are constantly searching for new technologies and creative approaches to develop more effective treatments against diseases affecting humans, plants and animals.


Research and innovation require an appropriate environment. The CoLaborator offers entrepreneurs and young life science companies suitable laboratory and office infrastructure and access to the company’s research expertise and infrastructure as well as a first point of contact in the search for partnering options in the pharmaceutical and agriculture industry.


The best partner for your project

You are a young life science start-up with a good idea on basic and early research but you do not have an appropriate laboratory? The CoLaborator Team is awaiting your proposal!


What we offer

Limited investment in infrastructure required: Ready-to-use furnished laboratories and offices.

Conference room, kitchen area and communication zones to foster scientific exchange and interaction.

Flexile lease terms create financial parachute in case of unexpected outcome of the research project.

Companies remain independent but have an option to use the Bayer infrastructure and scientific network.

Potential to combine start-up entrepreneurship with industry expertise.

Plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow CoLaborator tenants, neighboring scientific institutions, local science and start-up communities and Bayer experts from R&D and beyond.



Let’s bring great ideas to life!

Strong collaborations have the power to spark innovation that one organization cannot create on its own, and to build a solid basis for a sustainable alliance in the future. With our innovative solutions, we want to generate added value for our customers and society in the fields of health and nutrition. Our activities are based on our strong research and development competencies and on a global network of open innovation.


In pre-competitive pre-collaboration models such as the CoLaborator incubator, we work with partners from academia and industry as well as patient organizations and regulatory authorities to advance fundamental research and to develop platform technologies to broaden the foundation for future research and fuel the momentum of innovation in the fields of health and nutrition. In this way, not only Bayer benefits from the collaboration- generating a good scientific relationship for the company -  but a social value is also created which is responding to the global challenges of our time.


Collaboration is in “our DNA” at Bayer! We aim to build true and tailored collaboration models strongly focusing on patients as we adhere to our mission ‘‘Science for a better life”.


Bayer is a global company with a long, successful heritage in life sciences. We have a profound know-how in pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. In agriculture, we are working across the areas of seed traits, seed technology, seed breeding, agricultural chemistry and biologics. This optimally leverages our complementary expertise in chemistry and biology. Our scientists work with the latest technologies and we are part of active scientific networks across our research fields. We also have long-standing, global experience and capacities in marketing and sales as well as expertise on legal, regulatory, and financial aspects.


In 2012, Bayer Pharmaceuticals launched the first CoLaborator. In 2018, there are four CoLaborator: Three in the Pharmaceuticals segment - Berlin, Kobe, Moscow - and one in the CropScience Segment in West Sacramento.