The CoLaborator, an incubator space for start-ups

At Bayer, we believe collaboration is an essential way to bring new therapies to the patient. This philosophy led us to open the CoLaborator, a unique incubator space for start-up companies next door to our West Coast Innovation Center in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. Located in the heart of the city’s thriving life sciences cluster, the CoLaborator is within walking distance of UCSF, QB3, the Gladstone Institutes, several venture capital groups, and more than 60 emerging life science companies, making the Mission Bay location well-suited to support the success of a start-up company.

The CoLaborator’s design is a flexible, open floor plan with 6,000 square feet of shared, rented lab space designed to house startup life-science companies whose technology platforms, drug targets or drug candidates may align with Bayer’s interests. The environment fosters opportunities for idea exchange by bringing researchers together in a common space.

The CoLaborator includes basic equipment for life science startups to quickly begin putting their ideas to the test. Bayer support includes Environmental Health & Safety and Biosafety licenses, and access to nearby UCSF core services such as imaging, bioinformatics, and proteomics. Partnering with Bayer can also provide access to the global expertise and equipment of Bayer’s research network.

About Mission Bay

In 1998, the city of San Francisco began transforming the Mission Bay redevelopment area, envisioning it as a powerful engine of discovery and economic growth. In just over a decade, this former rail yard has become a mixed-use, transit-oriented development with more than 4.4 million square feet dedicated to office, life science and biotechnology commercial space, creating a world-class cluster thriving on synergies between academia and industry, established institutions as well as start-ups.

Since its inception, more than 60 life science firms have located research and development facilities in Mission Bay -- companies such as Nektar Therapeutics (2009), FibroGen (2007), Sirna/Merck (2006), as well as the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) (2005) have made decisions to operate in this biotech hub. At Mission Bay, UCSF and other institutions have created a scientific community with a spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurialism across public-private life science groups. , Life science companies, venture capital firms, QB3, and the future UCSF Medical Center make Mission Bay a unique place where start-up life science firms can flourish.

“The CoLaborator seeks to address the need for new approaches to research partnerships that allow for a collaborative process with shared risks and rewards. We are aiming to create something beyond the traditional incubator that truly fosters collaboration between Bayer scientists and these exciting young companies.” Prof. Andreas Busch, member of the Bayer Executive Committee and Head of Global Drug Discovery

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