CoLaborator Berlin

About the CoLaborator Berlin

Our Berlin CoLaborator is located on the site of the Bayer Pharmaceuticals division’s headquarter in the city center, which is also one of our major R&D centers. In proximity to Bayer research and the vicinity to Berlin’s science and start-up community an eco-system for innovative ideas is established.


The CoLaborator is set up in an independent building of 800 square meters at the Bayer research campus in Berlin. There are 420 square meters of space for laboratories. Attractively designed laboratory and office modules and shared infrastructure such as a conference room offer ideal conditions for nascent companies – at manageable investment costs. Partnering with Bayer can also provide access to the global expertise and equipment of Bayer’s research network.


We are looking for companies whose technology platforms, drug targets or drug candidates may align with Bayer’s own research in healthcare. Fields include oncology, cardiology (including kidney and lung diseases), gynecological therapies, and cutting edge platform technologies for drug discovery.

Key features

  • Building with 800 square meters of lab, office, and communal space

  • Nine distinct units of 40 square meters lab + 20 square meters office

  • Laboratories and offices at competitive rates and customizable to your individual needs

  • Confidentiality agreements between you and Bayer as needed

  • We provide opportunities to collaborate and network through scientific workshops, pitching events, conferences, social events, and alike

About the Berlin site

Berlin is the global headquarter of Bayer's pharmaceutical division which is based on an area approx. 26 football (soccer) fields in size with around 60 buildings. Since 1864 pharmaceutical research and production have been running at the Muellerstrasse location in the heart of Berlin. About 4,500 employees work in Berlin, thereof about 2,000 people in research and development.  The research and development activities are focused on therapy areas with a high medical need, such as oncology, cardiovascular, and gynecological diseases as well as ophthalmology and hematology. The R&D colleagues in Berlin mainly focus on oncology and gynecological diseases as well as on activities in the area of Common Mechanism Research.


Located in the heart of the city's thriving life sciences cluster, the CoLaborator is in close proximity to prestigious scientific institutions like for example the Charité as well as the Humboldt University, making the Berlin location well-suited to support the success of a start-up company.


Our portfolio includes every step of the therapeutic process: from early stage research and innovation through partnerships and licenses with the goal of development through manufacturing. We are poised to deliver the next generation of biotherapeutics to address unmet medical needs and improve human health.

What we offer

We offer prospective companies fully-equipped, functional laboratory and office space at competitive rates. Each of the nine units consists of 40 square meters lab and 20 square meters office. The units can be used exclusively by the respective tenant, allowing the company to work undisturbed.


We can also adapt the installed laboratories and furnishings to suit your individual needs, such as setting up a chemistry or a biology lab. The offices are equipped with desks and cabinets and will accommodate either one or two members of staff. Telephone and Internet outlets are in place. There is also a non-exclusive area comprising communal rooms and communication zones, allowing for communication and interaction between neighbors, colleagues and Bayer scientists. All tenants can use these areas. Berlin CoLaborator tenants may reside in San Francisco CoLaborator and vice versa. The rental price also includes cleaning, waste disposal, electricity and heating. Bayer arranges disposal of special waste, though the costs must be covered by the respective tenant and depend on the accrued volume.


All tenants remain independent. Confidentiality agreements between you and Bayer are signed as needed.

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