CoLaborator Kobe

About the CoLaborator Kobe

Our CoLaborator Kobe is centrally located in the Biomedical Innovation Cluster on the artificial island named Port Island in the city of Kobe. The CoLaborator is creating excellent conditions for young life science companies who are looking for a research location or collaboration space to grow their business.


Attractively designed shared laboratory and office modules and infrastructure such as a meeting room and refresh area offer ideal conditions for nascent companies – at manageable investment costs. Partnering with Bayer can also provide access to the global expertise and equipment of Bayer’s research network.


CoLaborator Kobe is looking for companies whose technology platforms, drug targets or drug candidates may align with Bayer’s own research in health care. Fields include oncology, cardiology (including kidney and lung diseases), gynecological therapies, and cutting edge platform technologies for drug discovery.

Key features

  • Space with 385 square meters of lab, office and communal space
  • Accommodation of four to five start-ups
  • Business growth and collaboration opportunities
  • Access to cutting-edge researches
  • Interactions with near bio-chemic companies
  • Working in a scientific and technology hub environment

Support by Bayer CoLaborator Kobe

Scientific support
  • Discussions with Bayer Yakuhin’s Open Innovation Center Japan
  • Mentoring sessions with Bayer scientists

  • Labwork support under material transfer agreements

  • Research support from local CROs and universities


Business support
  • Seminars on business development and licensing

  • Seminars on regulatory matters

  • Support for personnel recruitment and development

  • Support for arranging procurement of venture capital funding

  • Hosting of seminars led by scientists, venture capitalists, and experts in various fields
  • Interaction with the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster community

  • Interaction with CoLaborators outside Japan

  • Hosting of networking events


For information in Japanese language, please visit our local CoLaborator website.

About Kobe

The district Kobe is forming the international research and development center of advanced medical technology in Japan. The city, since 1998, has been engaged in the development of a R&D hub for state-of-the art biomedical technologies and has made efforts to invite the medical industry, one of the growing industries in the 21st century through collaborative efforts between industry, academia and government. The city has promoted the project for 20 years and currently many research institutions, highly specialized hospitals, and medical-related companies, organizations and start-ups have entered this area. This includes the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation (IBRI), RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) and Kobe Minimally Invasive Cancer Center, forming one of the largest biomedical clusters in Japan. The area is also located within five minutes from Kobe Airport and features the excellent access to domestic and overseas locations.


Kobe is hosting the first CoLaborator in Japan. We are leveraging the expertise that we gained from the other CoLaborator locations while localizing our incubator to the Japan’s research environment.


What we offer

At approximately 385 square meters of floor space, including 242 square meters of laboratory, we offer prospective companies fully-equipped, functional laboratory and office space at competitive rates. These spaces are shared by up to 4-5 companies.


Companies can use lab benches, safety cabinets, cell incubators, fluorescence microscope, RT-PCR, spectrophotometer, gel documentation system, plate reader, autoclave, centrifuge, pH meter, thermostat bath, chemical closets, freezers, etc. The office floor is equipped with basic office equipment and has desk spaces for each company, a meeting room, discussion space, kitchen space, and refresh area.


In addition, the tenants have access to services such as outsourced testing via partnerships that Bayer established with local CROs (organizations that provide pharmaceutical and medical device development services on contract) and universities. The participating start-ups will have full ownership of the results of their work at CoLaborator Kobe.


The rental price also includes utility costs, internet/Wi-Fi, copying, cleaning services, and hazardous waste removals. The term is in principal up to three years.


CoLaborator Kobe assists local research & development by participating companies, by offering scientific support through discussions with members of Bayer’s Innovation Center Japan, by supporting business development, as well as by offering opportunities for interaction with the Bio Cluster community.

If you like to apply or to get in touch, please click here.