CoLaborator Moscow

About the CoLaborator Moscow

In Russia, our CoLaborator is a joint program with the Biology Department of Moscow State University. It distinguishes from the other CoLaborator by being a unique incubator program. The main objective is to support scientific research in biology, biotechnology, chemistry and pharmacology. To achieve this, the CoLaborator Moscow works with leading scientific institutions like Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Almazov National Medical Research Center and others.


As part of the collaboration, Bayer is sharing international research and development expertise and its experience in advancing innovative solutions to the market. Leading Bayer experts advise project participants on all business stages, including research, development and marketing. We believe that this helps projects improving their ideas aligned to industry needs, and ultimately support the transformation of their solutions into commercial products.


In order to provide life-science start-ups with the best possible support, the CoLaborator Moscow also works with Primer Capital and Academpark. The private venture capital fund Primer Capital develops industry technologies and supports start-ups by investing in pharmaceutical and biotech projects. The technology park Academpark in Novosibirsk is a place where research turns into industrial technologies: it offers business and technological infrastructure with ideal conditions for generation and development of innovative companies.

Key features

  • International research and development expertise of Bayer scientists
  • Access to potential funding of Primer venture capital fund
  • Support through access to modern research infrastructure
  • Strong and long-lasting partnerships

Great opportunities in Russia

One of Russia’s economic priorities is the development of innovations and entrepreneurial spirit. More and more groups and organizations are investing in the support of start-ups, entrepreneurs and the infrastructure necessary for the promotion of great ideas and innovation. Currently, Russia is thriving with new competitions, social groups and conventions giving rise to a new entrepreneurial class. The CoLaborator is designed as a new platform for the exchange of knowledge, localization and promotion of scientific research. We believe that the CoLaborator can help increase the competitiveness of the Russian innovation environment and provide an additional impulse for the development of international cooperation in the research and development sphere.


What we offer

The CoLaborator welcomes companies and scientific groups started by students, postgraduates, professors and scientific organizations. Cooperation here will focus on scientific, engineering or scientific and technological projects, concepts or developments in biology, biotechnologies, chemistry, pharmacology or related sciences, which can potentially be developed into a marketable product. We focus on projects developing new solutions in the area of oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology and gynecology.


The selected projects run acceleration during one year; in case of successful cooperation the period can be prolonged up to three years.


Requirements for your project

  • The project is providing solution to a global medical problem
  • Available primary experimental data confirms the effectiveness of the proposed solution
  • Highly professional team with business, technology and medical specialists


After submitting your project, a team of Bayer experts is conducting a preliminary screening of applications. Following the first round of the selection process, the selected teams are invited for a personal interview to present their project. Application period is from September to November.

If you like to apply or to get in touch, please click here.