CoLaborator West Sacramento

About the CoLaborator West Sacramento

Our West Sacramento CoLaborator is located on the site of Bayer’s Crop Science R&D Center close to Downtown. Bayer’s biotech start-up lab space is designed to house and foster innovative new ventures to transform modern agriculture and creates opportunities for idea exchange by bringing researchers together in a common space.


The CoLaborator space is a flexible, open floor plan with 3,000 square feet of shared lab and dedicated office areas with cubicles and furnished conference rooms. The laboratories include basic equipment for agriculture tech start-ups to quickly begin putting their ideas to the test. Bayer support includes Environmental Health & Safety services and applicable environmental Biosafety site permits as well as waste disposal (including chemical and bio waste).


Partnering with Bayer can also provide access to the global expertise and equipment of Bayer’s research network

Key features

  • Co-location at Bayer facility with a separate entrance, dedicated space, and controlled access determined by tenants
  • Open lab space with flexibility to install mobile benches and biosafety hoods
  • Lab infrastructure includes chemical safety hood and chemical storage cabinet
  • Adjacent equipment room provides space for larger tenant-provided equipment
  • Stand-alone IT network infrastructure
  • Local laboratory and business resources for start-up companies (not associated with Bayer or specifically part of the lease arrangement)

About the West Sacramento site

The Sacramento area site is the global headquarters of Bayer Crop Science’s Biologics group, focused on innovative biological pest management solutions. The site houses Crop Science’s center of excellence for research and development in this area, making Bayer a leading company for research, development and production of microbial-based crop protection products. This team collaborates closely with the scientific community at UC Davis, one of the world’s largest research centers in plant science.  Research programs here are closely tied with the company’s breeding programs in other locations in California, Oregon and around the world.


The CoLaborator West Sacramento is in the heart of the of Northern California’s agriculture innovation corridor. Located only a few miles from associated core lab services and a one to two-hour drive to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, it is well-positioned to support the success of a start-up company.

What we offer

Laboratories and offices are at competitive rates and furnished according to the tenant’s individual needs. A stand-alone IT network infrastructure is in place. There is also a non-exclusive area comprising communal rooms and communication zones, allowing interaction between neighbors, colleagues and Bayer scientists. All tenants can use these areas. The rental price also includes cleaning, waste disposal, electricity and heating. Bayer arranges disposal of special waste, though the costs must be covered by the respective tenant and depend on the accrued volume. All tenants remain independent. Confidentiality agreements between you and Bayer are signed as needed. To enhance data security the building is secured with 24/7 officers.

If you like to apply or to get in touch, please click here.