We're always open for great ideas. What is yours?

You are a young live science start-up with a good idea on basic and early research but you do not have an appropriate laboratory? The CoLaborator Team is awaiting your proposal!

The CoLaborator offers young entrepreneurs in the life science area suitable laboratory and office infrastructure and access to the company’s research expertise and infrastructure as well as a first point of contact in the search for partnering options in the pharmaceutical and agriculture industry.  


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Cora Scholten

Head of CoLaborator, Berlin

San Francisco

Chris Haskell

Head of CoLaborator, San Francisco


Shunichi Takahashi

Head of CoLaborator, Kobe

West Sacramento

Geoff Kneen

Head of CoLaborator, West Sacramento


Tatyana Anoprieva

External Innovation & Alliances Manager


Sarah-Christine Wanner

Are you a media representative and need information about the CoLaborator? Feel free to get in touch with our media contact.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a tenant in one of our CoLaborator spaces, please send an email to one of the site managers adhering to the following information:

  • Brief summary of company focus (or non-confidential executive summary)
  • Space requirements and unique needs
  • Your contact information

In addition please enclose an application letter outlining your interest by answering the following questions:

  1. How does my start-up asset relate to Bayer’s research interest?
  2. Why would it be beneficial for other companies to have my technology or service within the respective science environment?
  3. How could other companies at a later point in time benefit from collaboration with my company?
  4. Why should Bayer be interested in my company and to see it maturing in their neighborhood?

How to get there

Below you can find maps of all the CoLaborator Sites. As a tenant you would be located near to other scientific companies, research centers, academic facilities and potential partners. This creates an ideal infrastructure for your young life science company to grow.