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About Aronora, Inc.

Aronora is developing products intended to be used in difficult-to-treat, severe, rapidly progressing, or catastrophic thrombotic blood clotting diseases, including suspected or verified stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, severe infections, and others. Building on the company’s ground-breaking approaches to superior drug safety, Aronora’s product candidates have the potential to become first-in-class medical emergency therapeutics to treat acute thrombotic diseases. For more information, visit http://www.aronorabio.com/.

“The CoLaborator is an ideal venue for Aronora to pursue our goals and continue to grow. It’s an opportunity to work in close physical proximity to Bayer scientists and access to support in preclinical product development, manufacturing and other areas are of particular interest to our company.”  Andras Gruber, Aronora CEO

About Cairn Biosciences

Cairn Biosciences is developing the first technology platform for high throughput screening of disease biology in disease-relevant living cells. By measuring the dynamic behavior of cellular machinery, our live cell high-content screening (LC-HCS) platform pinpoints and measures the diverse aspects of cellular physiology that are perturbed by candidate therapeutics, biological stimuli and disease pathologies. These capabilities will reduce the rate of compound attrition in late stage drug discovery, accelerate the pace of early stage discovery of therapeutic compounds and enable improved predictive toxicology assays to evaluate new chemicals and biological agents for the risks they may pose to human health. For more information, please contact info@cairnbio.com

About Casebia Therapeutics

Casebia Therapeutics, a 50-50 joint venture between CRISPR Therapeutics and Bayer, was created to accelerate the field of gene editing therapeutics today, and for the long haul. Drawing on CRISPR/Cas9 technology and expertise from CRISPR Therapeutics and the distinctive disease know-how and protein engineering capabilities of Bayer, we are working to redefine what’s possible for patients with a wide range of inherited diseases.

For more information visit www.casebia.com.

About DNALite Therapeutics

DNALite Therapeutics is delivering gene therapies to treat diseases of epithelial tissues. Our first drug is for an orphan disease, Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, that results in a 100% chance of colorectal cancer by the age of 39 which results in patients having their entire colon and rectum removed in their teens. DNALite is replacing these surgeries using gene therapy via our proprietary technology that allows us to deliver biologics to the cells that drive colon cancer. We aim to create first-in-class gene therapy drugs for diseases of the intestinal, respiratory and cervical linings that will treat them at the source rather than addressing only the symptoms. For more info on DNALite, please contact info@dnalite.com

"The close proximity of the Bayer scientists and entrepreneurs at the CoLaborator is exactly what we believed would accelerate DNALite's mission. We are further grateful for an environment where the facilities are handled so smoothly that we can have unadulterated focus on building ambitious therapies for patients." Mubhij Ahmad, CEO of DNALite Therapeutics

About Explora BioLabs

Explora BioLabs, an AAALAC-accredited preclinical CRO, provides full-service pharmacology housing and procedure facilities, as well as technical support services, to Bayer and to the CoLaborator’s biotech tenants and neighbors. Explora operates additional pharmacology facilities in South San Francisco and San Diego, and also performs contract research in the areas of oncology, wound healing, metabolic diseases, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology. For more information, please visit www.explorabiolabs.com

“Our flexible, full-service CRO is designed to accelerate and support clients’ preclinical pharmacology research programs, while providing convenience, quality, and cost savings. It is a pleasure to work with the CoLaborator and to be a part of this exciting life science innovation ecosystem in Mission Bay.” Richard Lin, CEO of Explora BioLabs.

About Fair Access Medicines

Fair Access Medicines is a California based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to supply medicines to patients with unmet medical needs. Our initial effort is to provide insulin to patients who are uninsured or underinsured in the United States but eventually to expand our effort to worldwide distribution. We are experienced former pharmaceutical development and manufacturing scientists who are dedicated to providing affordable medications to patients. Our plan is to develop a process for insulin manufacture suitable for large scale manufacturing and FDA approval. Our intention is to sell our FDA approved product at the lowest possible price. https://www.fairaccessmedicines.org/

We are elated to join the CoLaborator community and indebted to Bayer Pharmaceuticals for providing lab space and support for our effort.” Dr. James Wilkins, President and Founder of Fair Access Medicines

About Nalo Therapeutics

Nalo Therapeutics was formed in 2017 to develop small molecule based pharmaceutical products around recently discovered cancer biology for the treatment of hematological and solid tumors. Nalo is composed of a team of senior biopharmaceutical leaders, each with decades of successful pharmaceutical development experience in the areas of discovery, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, DMPK, formulation, toxicology and clinical development in oncology and other disease areas. Nalo is headquartered in Mission Bay with local and global collaborators.

About ProLynx LLC

ProLynx LLC, founded in 2009, is developing a technology platform that overcomes major limitations of releasable linkers currently used in drug conjugation. The technology uses sets of novel linkers that cleave at different, pre-programmed rates to allow the controlled, predictable and sustained release of native, active drugs – peptides, proteins and small molecules – from circulating and fixed macromolecular conjugates. (http://www.prolynxllc.com)

“We look forward to relocating ProLynx to Mission Bay. The close proximity to scientists at Bayer and the University of California San Francisco provides a truly exciting collaborative environment for advancing and applying our technology.” Daniel Santi, M.D., Ph.D., President and founder of ProLynx.

About Singular BIO Inc.

Singular Bio, Inc. develops platforms for diagnostic testing in personalized medicine. The company was incorporated in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California.

About Xcell Biosciences

Xcell Biosciences is a San Francisco-based life science company dedicated to bringing an innovative primary cell culture solution to the market to support research, drug discovery, and personalized patient information. Xcell’s mission is to democratize the culture of primary cells from patient blood for all research labs, regardless of size and experience, through its bench-top primary cell bioreactor, reagent kits, and standardized protocols. The technology delivers simple culture of primary cell types from patient blood, including circulating tumor cells, stem cells, and immune cells. This patient-centric technology enables direct disease insights without a biopsy, complementing existing cell lines and mouse models used for clinical research and drug discovery. For more information, please visit http://www.xcellbio.com/.

“We’ve found tremendous value in the CoLaborator’s high quality lab space, the built-in flexibility for future team growth, and the caliber of the other teams that reside in the space. Bayer has truly been a great partner for us, both as an accelerator and as a great collaborative partner in our product development work!” Brian Feth, CEO of Xcell Biosciences 

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