What our tenants say about the CoLaborator

We’ve found tremendous value in the CoLaborator’s high quality lab space, the built-in flexibility for future team growth, and the caliber of the other teams that reside in the space. Bayer has truly been a great partner for us, both as an accelerator and as a great collaborative partner in our product development work!
Brian Feth
CEO of Xcell Biosciences
We look forward to relocating ProLynx to Mission Bay. The close proximity to scientists at Bayer and the University of California San Francisco provides a truly exciting collaborative environment for advancing and applying our technology.
Daniel Santi, M.D.
Ph.D., President and founder of ProLynx
Our flexible, full-service CRO is designed to accelerate and support clients’ preclinical pharmacology research programs, while providing convenience, quality, and cost savings. It is a pleasure to work with the CoLaborator and to be a part of this exciting life science innovation ecosystem in Mission Bay.
Richard Lin
CEO of Explora BioLabs
The close proximity of the Bayer scientists and entrepreneurs at the CoLaborator is exactly what we believed would accelerate DNALite's mission. We are further grateful for an environment where the facilities are handled so smoothly that we can have unadulterated focus on building ambitious therapies for patients.
Mubhij Ahmad
CEO of DNALite Therapeutics
The CoLaborator offers a unique opportunity to strengthen our long-standing partnership with Bayer. We believe that the close exposure to an industrial environment will help promote our innovations within the pharmaceutical industry. We are looking forward to successful and fruitful collaborations.
Prof. Dr. Hugo Hämmerle
Managing Director, NMI TT
To speak candidly, I think that our presence in the Bayer campus in the early stages of the CoLab was integral to the strong relationship between our companies. During our time at the CoLab, Bayer and Calico scientists have been able to work and consequently understand each other in a way that only by being physically closer would allow. It’s similar to the way face-to-face meetings are so much more invaluable when compared to e-mails and other forms of faceless electronic communication. In doing so, this understanding allows us to continue to work together well even though we are now physically separated by 9000 km of land and sea. The way that the CoLab is set up is ideal for fostering as many early business relationships as possible. Companies doing business with Bayer are encouraged to lease space with the stipulation of a limited tenure. During those 3 years, the relationship is cultivated. When the lease ends and the company has to physically move, the healthy collaboration continues. Vacancies make way for new collaborations to foster. The concept is really well thought out and kudos to you and Stefan for planning and execution!
Jacinto Villanueva
Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer, Calico Biolabs, Inc.
We are elated to join the CoLaborator community and indebted to Bayer Pharmaceuticals for providing lab space and support for our effort.
Dr. James Wilkins
President and Founder of Fair Access Medicines
The CoLaborator is the ideal environment for DexLeChem to enable us to internationalize our young company and to continuously expand our range of development services in green chemistry. Here we can grow and simultaneously interact with scientists from Bayer. In this way, we receive assistance in areas that are important for our young company.
Sonja Jost
CEO of DexLeChem GmbH.
The CoLaborator is an ideal venue for Aronora to pursue our goals and continue to grow. It’s an opportunity to work in close physical proximity to Bayer scientists and access to support in preclinical product development, manufacturing and other areas are of particular interest to our company.
Andras Gruber
Aronora CEO
The CoLaborator premises and the close proximity of Charité hospital are an excellent situation for the provitro team. We have been able to expand our know-how in the field of target validation over the past few years. We are looking forward to developing further solutions to questions in the bio-sciences and to the collaboration with Bayer.
Dr. Manrico Paulitschke
CEO of provitro AG.